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If you are over 24, you can ride any one of our motorcycle model ranges (If you’re between 18 & 24, you still have options so read on!), you will need a Category A Learner Permit (be sure to nail your Theory test as you will need that before you can apply for the Learner Permit). If you are between 18 and 24 then you will be restricted to a Category A2 Learner Permit – that’s a motorcycle with a power output of 35kw, including bikes restricted to 35kw.

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  1. Your details (name, contact, age, motorcycle experience etc)
  2. Where you are in the process (subtle hint: IF YOU HAVEN’T BOOKED YOUR THEORY TEST DO IT NOW “HERE”. You may as well get on with it; you’ll be riding in no time !!!)
  3. When you would like to take your IBT (even roughly for now)
  4. Which bike you really really, really cant wait to ride!

Our Initial Basic Training (IBT) is a training course that teaches basic riding skills to motorcyclists. It is part of the RSA’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) scheme and is intended to improve road safety.

Completing IBT for the first time on a larger motorcycle in category 'A2' or 'A' is an 18 hour course and involves completing three modules 1,3 and 5.    These modules are a mixture of theory and practical riding skills.

The course is held at our premises here at Dublin H-D / Dublin Triumph / Rosso Ducati which is a fully compliant Road Safety Authority approved motorcycle test centre.

Our trainers are Joe McConville & Andy Maslen. Both RSA and ADI registered instructors (and really nice guys who enjoy the process and are not at all shouty!)

What makes our training so special is that all practical lessons are one-to-one with your instructor so you receive undivided attention both in the training compound and out on the road.

No! If you have a motorcycle, we can train you on it, but we supply a motorcycle for your training included in the cost.


Personal protective equipment (Helmets, gloves, boots Jacket, trousers etc) is often an afterthought when purchasing a motorcycle. We however, view its quality as of the utmost importance. It is not provided for training, but is required and a full range of suitable quality equipment is available to buy (ranging from budget to premium). We also offer a helmet sizing service. Also, once you’ve completed the IBT with us, should you purchase a motorcycle from us we will refund 10% of the cost of your motorcycle gear bought here, against your motorcycle.

Full 18 hour IBT 1-on-1 training: €695

Training motorcycle included.


Skilled Rider Course: Higher Octane Learning / Give your skills a boost with an advanced motorcycle course. / Achieve motorcycle mastery

Get yourself up to speed on the latest advances in motorcycle technology and safety on one of our ‘Back to Biking’ courses or discover advanced manoeuvres and safety skills in a Skilled Rider Course practice session.

Absolutely! Welcome back! We also provide refresher training for anyone who has a full licence but may have been away from motorcycles for a number of years. Designed to get you back on the road safely our instructors work with you to get you back up to speed with the latest techniques and technology.

This is a tailored programme and costs are based on the individual requirement of the client.

Yes indeed. Our instructors provide post test training for the experienced rider. Learn the key skills to be safer, smoother and faster and handle your machine at all speeds with confidence and total control. Apply the same standards as professional riders and learn how to correctly use the system of motorcycle control, your riding will never be the same again!

This is a tailored programme and costs are based on the requirement of the client.


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