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What can I ride?

If you are over 24, you can ride any one of our motorcycle model ranges. (If you’re between 18 & 24, you still have options so read on!). First you must decide on how powerful a motorcycle you’d like, because there are two categories of licence relating to different power outputs.

What licence do I need?

You will need to start with a “learner permit” and then you progress to a full motorcycle licence. There are two variants of learner permit before graduating to a full licence

The category A2 Licence is for a motorcycle with a power output of 35kw, including bikes restricted to 35kw. If you go for a restricted bike, it can originally have had up to 70kw in power (ie up to double the restricted power). This means you can start out on a bike that would have a normal power of up to 70kw, but begin with it restricted and later, de-restrict it to its full power. This Licence can be taken out by anyone 18 years and over.

The category A Licence is for a motorcycle of over 50kw in power. With this licence, you start on a full power machine. The minimum age for obtaining this licence is 24.

Riding a trike is a totally different thing. You can ride on just your car licence! We can teach you to ride a trike too. Contact us for details.

There is a table at the bottom of this page showing which license you will need for which model motorcycle you’d like to ride.

What are the steps in learning to ride?

1.Theory test.

Take and pass a theory test on general “rules of the road”, which is a series of 40 multiple choice questions taken at a test centre on a computer. The theory test can be applied for at where you will find a list of the test centres. Go ahead and apply now! You’ll probably get a test date for only a few weeks away. (TIP: to help ensure you pass, buy the RSA test simulator cd-rom "Click Here" or at many book shops!) You must answer 36 of the 40 questions correctly. Pass and you may apply for your “learner permit” in either category A2 or A.

2. IBT   

Your learner permit allows you to ride a motorcycle during your “Introductory Basic Training”. On completion of your IBT, you will be issued a certificate which allows you to ride a motorcycle on the road.

What exactly is IBT?

IBT consists of three modules of motorcycle tuition taken over 18 hours, including classroom tuition, static motorcycle tuition and motorcycle riding tuition. All are completed at our shop here in Ballymount, West Dublin, which is an RSA approved training centre.

Where can I take my IBT?

Here! We have a fully approved IBT training centre, with the trainer & facilities on site (we also have lovely fresh ground coffee & bickies!)

When can I take my IBT?

We can tailor your IBT to suit your availability, be it over a number of days or weeks – you just let us know what suits. Training is available Tuesday to Saturday between 9.30am and 5.00pm. Mondays and out of hours can be also arranged.

Would I be trained on my own or with others?

That’s up to you! Most prefer to get one-to-one tuition so as they have our instructor’s undivided attention (and to remove any pressure of training with someone else present) but if you’d like to do it in a group or with friends, or want to reduce costs, we can do the non-riding section for more than one at a time.

Must I own a motorcycle to do the IBT?

No! If you have a motorcycle, we can train you on it, but we can supply a motorcycle for your training at a small cost, AND once you’ve completed the IBT with us, we’ll refund that small cost should you purchase a motorcycle from us!

Do I need my own motorcycle gear to take the IBT?

Personal protective equipment (Helmets, gloves, boots Jacket, trousers etc) is often an afterthought when purchasing a motorcycle. We however, view its quality as of the utmost importance. It is not provided for training, but is required and a full range of suitable quality equipment is available to buy (ranging from budget to premium). We also offer a helmet sizing service. Also, once you’ve completed the IBT with us, should you purchase a motorcycle from us we will refund 10% of the cost of your motorcycle gear bought here, against your motorcycle.

Who will train me and what accreditations do you have?

Our premises here at Dublin H-D / Dublin Triumph / Rosso Ducati is a fully compliant Road Safety Authority approved motorcycle test centre.

Our trainer is Joe McConville who is an RSA and ADI registered instructor (he’s also a really nice guy who enjoys the process and is not at all shouty!)

What does your IBT cost?

Full 18 hour IBT 1-on-1 training
€575* (group reductions available)

Training motorcycle
€100 (refunded on buying a motorcycle here)


(not available in conjunction with any other offer & non transferable)

I have a motorcycle licence but haven’t ridden in years. Do you do refresher training?

Absolutely! Welcome back! We also provide refresher training for anyone who has a full licence but may have been away from motorcycles for a number of years. This is a tailored programme and costs are based on the requirement of the client.

Do you provide advanced training for the current rider?

Yes indeed. We work hand-in-hand with the Institute of Advanced Motorists of Ireland who provide advanced rider & driving training to many government & private companies. This is a tailored programme and costs are based on the requirement of the client.

How do I start?

Click “HERE” and tell us:

  • Your details (name, contact, age, motorcycle experience etc)
  • Where you are in the process (subtle hint: IF YOU HAVEN’T BOOKED YOUR THEORY TEST DO IT NOW “HERE”. You may as well get on with it; you’ll be riding in no time !!!)
  • When you would like to take your IBT (even roughly for now)
  • Which bike you really really really can't wait to ride!

Joe will then contact you and we’ll see you here soon!

Triumph: Licence requirements:
Bonneville 865cc range: A standard specification/A2 restricted
Street Triple 675cc range: A standard specification/A2 restricted
Speed Triple 1050cc range: A standard specification
Daytona 675cc range: A standard specification
Tiger 800cc range: A standard specification/A2 restricted
Tiger Sport 1050cc: A standard specification
Tiger Explorer 1215cc range: A standard specification
Sprint GTS 1050cc: A standard specification
Trophy 1215cc range: A standard specification
Thunderbird 1600cc range: A standard specification
Rocket III 2300cc range: A standard specification

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